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The SEEPAG Chairperson

In accordance with the rotation procedure provided by the General Guidelines of SEEPAG, starting 1st of January 2018, the Chairmanship of SEEPAG was transferred from Romania to Republic of Serbia, so that in 2018, the SEEPAG Chairperson is Mr. Tomislav KILIBARDA, Appelate Public Prosecutor- Head of Appelate Public Prosecutor’s Office, Appelate Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade.

Mr. Kilibarda was born on April 14, 1968 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. After working as Deputy Municipal Prosecutor and Deputy District Prosecutor, in 2008 he became Acting Municipal Prosecutor at the Second Municipal Prosecutors Office in Belgrade and on 1.1.2010 he was elected by the Parliament as Belgrade District Prosecutor, being responsible for the work of the biggest prosecutor’s office in Serbia. On November 28, 2014 he was elected by the Parliament as Appellate Prosecutor at Belgrade Appellate Prosecutors Office, being responsible to the Republic Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor General) and the Parliament for the work of all Higher Prosecutors’ Offices on this appellate territory (Higher Prosecutors’ Offices in Belgrade, Valjevo, Smederevo and Pancevo).

In 2013, Mr. Kilibarda was elected as the President of Disciplinary Commission of the State Prosecutorial Council, which is responsible for deciding on disciplinary and ethics complaints submitted for any prosecutor or deputy prosecutor in Serbia.

In 2015, Mr. Kilibarda was appointed by the Republic Public Prosecutor of Serbia as SEEPAG Prosecutorial Contact Point for Serbia. Currently Mr. Tomislav Kilibarda holds the position of SEEPAG Chairman for the year 2018.