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SEEPAG Conferences

The 29th SEEPAG Conference on the New mechanisms of investigating and prosecuting smuggling of persons.


The 29th SEEPAG Conference having as theme “New mechanisms of investigating and prosecuting smuggling of persons” organized by SELEC in the framework of the Serbian Chairmanship was held in Belgrade on 8 of May 2018 with the participation of the Minister of Justice of Republic of Serbia, Republic Public Prosecutor of Republic of Serbia, Director General of SELEC as well as experts of the Member States and Partners’ prosecution offices, and representatives of Center for International Legal Cooperation, European Investment Bank, Regional Cooperation Council and US Department of Justice.

Opening remarks were addressed by Serbian Minister of Justice, Ms. Nela Kuburovic, Republic Public Prosecutor, Ms. Zagorka Dolovac, Director General of SELEC, Mrs. Snejana Maleeva and SEEPAG Chairperson, Mr. Tomislav Kilibarda.

The Minister of Justice mentioned the legislative and institutional changes made by Republic of Serbia in order to ensure a more effective fight against transnational organized crime, stating that a close cooperation among the countries is a prerequisite for combating illegal migration in the region. Republic Public Prosecutor of Republic of Serbia referred to the benefits of SEEPAG and that international and regional cooperation are of utmost importance in combating transnational organized crime.

The Director General of SELEC briefed about the main operational activities developed by SELEC during the previous year, with a focus on the number of the exchanges of information and joint investigations related to migrants’ smuggling and the support offered by SELEC to its Member States in organizing operational meetings and the annual Task Force meeting on countering trafficking in human beings and illegal migration.

During the meeting, the Member States’ representatives presented the national legislation concerning the smuggling of persons, as well as the current situation, and the problems encountered during the investigation of this offence.

It was concluded that this global phenomenon entails a global common approach that can be achieved by swift and close cooperation, networking, building trust and using all available tools, such as SELEC and SEEPAG platforms, for exchanging information in a timely manner and join synergies.

The formal transfer of Chairmanship took place with this occasion, as according to the basic documents of SEEPAG the Chairmanship of SEEPAG rotates in alphabetical rotation, following that Republic of Turkey to take over the Chairmanship in 2019.

The 28th SEEPAG Conference on collecting evidences in terrorism related offences

Sinaia/Romania, September 26th, 2017

In the framework of the Romanian Chairmanship of SEEPAG, the 28th SEEPAG Conference having as a topic “Collecting evidences in terrorism offence investigations” was held on 26 September 2017, in Sinaia/Romania, with the participation of prosecutors from SEEPAG countries, Kingdom of Belgium, Italian Republic, USA and several organizations, such as Eurojust, European Judicial Network and Regional Cooperation Council.

The Conference was organized jointly by the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) and the Romanian Public Ministry, Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIOCT), being chaired by the Romanian SEEPAG Member, Ms. Narcisa Kelemen, Prosecutor within the Office for International Cooperation of DIOCT.

The Prosecutor General of Romania, Mr. Augustin Lazar, the Head of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, Mr. Daniel Constantin Horodniceanu and Ms. Snejana Maleeva, Acting Director General also attended the event.

The representatives of the prosecution offices from the participating countries addressed legal and practical matters regarding investigating terrorism related offences, an issue of worldwide concern.
The Prosecutor General mentioned the importance of the real time exchange of information, sharing good practices, establishing direct contacts among competent authorities, creating network of specialized prosecutors and taking advantage of the information available on Internet, in particular via social platforms, in order to prevent and combat terrorism.

Ms. Maleeva, Acting Director General of SELEC and Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, informed during her intervention about the successful joint investigations in the field of countering terrorism, conducted during 2016-2017 under SELEC’s coordination and support, underlining the benefits of the effective law enforcement and prosecutorial cooperation in the framework of SELEC and SEEPAG.

During the conference, the participants presented their national legislation and mechanisms in place, as well as their experiences, good practices and challenges in gathering evidences in terrorism offences.

It was concluded that, having in view the importance of the fight against terrorism, the competent authorities have to seek for more effective ways to address this emerging threat and tackle it in a proactive manner. The appropriate legal framework, swift cooperation and timely and comprehensive exchange of information should remain a priority for SEEPAG Member States.
According to the alphabetical rotation procedure, the SEEPAG Chairmanship for 2018 was transferred to Republic of Serbia.

27th SEEPAG Confence on Joint Investigation Teams

Podgorica/ Montenegro, September 20-21, 2016

The 27th SEEPAG Conference on "Joint investigation teams" held in Podgorica, during 20-21 September, under the 2016 Chairmanship of Montenegro, was jointly organized by the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC).

Mr. Ivica Stankovic, the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro, Mrs. Sonja Boskovic, SEEPAG Chairperson, Mrs. Ivana Goranic, RCC Expert on Justice and Home Affairs and Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, opened the meeting and addressed the participants.

The event gathered prosecutors from all twelve SEEPAG Member States, representatives of the prosecution offices of Republic of Austria, Kingdom of Belgium, Czech Republic and Kingdom of Spain, as well as long term SELEC partners, such as European Judicial Network and Regional Cooperation Council.

The meeting was focused on exploring the legal possibilities of setting up joint investigation teams, including  between EU and non-EU states and also sharing the experiences in concluding trans-border organized crime cases by making use of such useful instrument. A joint investigation team is an international cooperation tool consisting of a team of judicial and law enforcement authorities of several states, established for a limited duration and a specific purpose by way of a written agreement, in order to carry out criminal investigations in one or more of the involved states.

Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, Director for Legal and Internal Affairs of SELEC, presented the joint investigations coordinated by SELEC in 2015 and underlined the possibilities through which SELEC supports the joint investigations conducted by its Member States’ law enforcement authorities. Mrs. Maleeva also informed the SEEPAG members about the latest developments in SELEC.

The current activities of RCC were presented by Mrs. Ivana Goranic, Expert on Justice and Home Affairs at RCC, who mentioned also about the SEE Judicial Training Institution Network, established in order to serve as a platform for the seminars and trainings of prosecutors and police officers, aiming to further enhance their cooperation.

Having regard the importance of the matter and considering the terrorist events that took place recently in Europe, it was decided that the next meeting’s topic to be related to the way of collecting evidences in terrorism offence investigations.

26th Conference of SEEPAG on practical aspects of the mutual legal assistance related to the drug trafficking cases

Chisinau/ Republic of Moldova, April 28, 2015

Under the Moldovan Chairmanship, the 26th Conference of SEEPAG having as a topic ”Practical aspects of the mutual legal assistance related to the drug trafficking cases” was held in Chisinau, on 28th of April 2015, with the participation of high level representatives from the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Moldova, namely Mr. Corneliu Gurin, Prosecutor General, Mr. Anatolie Pîrnău, Head of the Department for International Legal Assistance and European Integration, and Mr. Viorel Morari, Head of the Department for leading the criminal investigation in the central authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Customs Service.

Besides the twelve SEEPAG Members that presented their drug trafficking cases, and shared best practices, expertise and experiences in investigating and prosecuting trans-border drug trafficking cases, also representatives of Kingdom of Belgium, Ukraine, European Judicial Network and Regional Cooperation Council participated in the event, with the purpose to enhance the cooperation at prosecutorial level.

Having in view the meeting’s theme, Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, Director for Legal and Internal Affairs of SELEC, made an extensive presentation of the SELEC’s activities and successful operations on drug trafficking that were carried out in 2014, joint investigations supported and awarded by SELEC.

During the one-day meeting, the Member States’ representatives discussed practical issues and problems encountered in investigating and prosecuting cases of drug trafficking which have transnational character, as well as issues related to controlled deliveries.Impressive statistical data was presented as regards the quantities of drug seized recently in SEEPAG Member States, which are in general transit countries for drug trafficking, part of the so-called “Balkan route”.

It was concluded that good law enforcement international cooperation is a pre-condition for good international legal assistance. Furthermore, direct communication with authorities competent for international legal assistance is crucial for successful mutual legal assistance requests (rogatory letters), by this being possible to establish exactly who is the authority to be addressed and what are formal and substance-matter requirements that must be met in the respective country, as the legal systems are different.

One important tool in this regard is the Controlled Delivery Manual developed and updated by SELEC, as it contains the legal framework of each Member State in this field, the special requirements and conditions for carrying out a controlled delivery and the competent authorities in each SELEC Member State. This Manual was recently updated and disseminated also for the usage of the prosecutors which are part of the SEEPAG network.

25th SEEPAG Conference on legal instruments and mechanisms which can simplify and accelerate the criminal procedure

Budapest/ Hungary, October 28 - 29, 2014

During the 25th SEEPAG Conference held in Budapest on 28th - 29th of October 2014 the SEEPAG Members and the representatives of partners met in order to discuss the “Legal instruments and mechanisms which can simplify and accelerate the criminal procedure”.

The meeting was opened by the SEEPAG Chairperson, Mrs. Eszter Maria Köpf and by Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs. Mr. Tibor Ibolya, the Chief Prosecutor of the Metropolitan Prosecution Service of Budapest, addressed the audience and presented the instruments provided by the Hungarian legislation for accelerating and/or simplifying the criminal procedure. Mr. Ibolya’s presentation focused on the oral arraignment, a procedure which proved to be very efficient and should be widely used. Mr. Ibolya also stated that the structure of the prosecution service was changed, as a new unit dealing with the cases where this procedure can be used was recently established.

Mrs. Maleeva welcomed the new participants and thanked the Hungarian Chairmanship for the excellent organization. She presented the latest developments in SELEC, namely that United States of America has become Operational Partner with SELEC, and that during the next Interpol General Assembly to be held at the beginning of November 2014, the Cooperation Agreement between SELEC and INTERPOL will be signed, by this INTERPOL becoming also the Operational Partner of SELEC.

With a view of enlarging the cooperation at prosecutorial level, SEEPAG continued inviting the representatives of its partners to its meetings, so that representatives from Kingdom of Belgium and Ukraine attended the 25th SEEPAG Conference and presented their legal systems and also the tools contained by their national legislation for simplifying the procedure in criminal investigations.

The representative of the Regional Cooperation Council mentioned the SEE 2020 Strategy and the 2014-2016 Strategy and Work Programme, and also the future activities and events planned by the RCC in the framework of these strategies.

Each of the SEEPAG Members presented the different instruments provided by their national legislation for accelerating and simplifying the criminal procedure, the institution of “plea bargaining” existing in the domestic laws of all the member states, being commonly used by practitioners, despite the inherent difficulties and having in view that the effective administration of justice and the right to a fair trial should be always balanced.

Besides the main topic, all the participants mentioned about the improvements that could be brought to the national legal framework in order to swift and simplify the proceedings, and also shared their views related to their cooperation with regard to the mutual legal assistance requests.

The General Guidelines of SEEPAG provide the yearly rotation of the Chairmanship by alphabetical order, therefore at this last meeting of SEEPAG in 2014, the Chairmanship was transferred to Republic of Moldova, following that Mrs. Olga Ionas, Prosecutor in the Department for International Legal Assistance and European Integration of the General Prosecutor’s Office, to be the SEEPAG Chairperson in the year 2015.

The next 26th SEEPAG Conference will focus on the practical aspects related to the drug trafficking investigations and is planned to be organized in Chisinau/Republic of Moldova, in the last week of April 2015.

24th Conference of SEEPAG focusing on Protection of the witnesses and of the official members in criminal proceedings

Budapest/ Hungary, 28 - 29 April 2014

The “Protection of the witnesses and of the official members in criminal proceedingswas discussed during the last Conference of SEEPAG, which was held in Budapest on 28th – 29th of April, under Hungarian Chairmanship, with the participation of the General Prosecutor of Hungary.

Mr. Péter Polt, General Prosecutor of Hungary, declared : „We are very honoured to assume the role of the SEEPAG’s Presidency in 2014 and host this conference. In the most recent years SEEPAG has become an important factor in Europe in the field of judicial cooperation. Lots of European and international documents make reference to this organization. SEEPAG could play an important role in this field since we know that the basis of the good judicial cooperation is always good personal relationships.”

Besides SEEPAG Members, Partner’s representatives from Belgium, The Netherlands, United States Department of Justice, European Judicial Network and Eurojust attended the meeting.

Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, welcomed the participants, thanked the hosts, and informed about the activities and latest developments in SELEC. Among them, Mrs. Maleeva, mentioned the Project on Cross-border Deployment of Undercover Officers and Informants, which resulted into a Manual, a helful instrument for the law enforcement and judicial authorities. Mrs. Maleeva stated that: „The aim of the project was to create an interactive network of respective units in the SELEC Member States providing training exercises and organizing regional workshops that brought together experts in this field. At the end of the project It was agreed that the adopted Manual on Cross-border Deployment of Undercover Officers and Informants to be disseminated among the SEEPAG Members, being available for law enforcement and judicial use only.”

During the two days’ conference, the SEEPAG Members presented their national legislation and practices, procedures and cases related to the important topic of witness protection.

The invited representatives of Belgium, The Netherlands and United States of America had a short introduction regarding their national judicial structure and legislation related to the topic. SELEC Partner’s representatives were invited to the SEEPAG Conference with a view to increase the effectiveness of the common judicial collaboration and to support their work in the field of international cooperation.

The National Member of Hungary to Eurojust was also present during the event, Mr. László Venczl briefed the participants on the newest developments in Eurojust.

The representative of the European Judicial Network, Ms. Ele-Marit Eomois informed the participants about the adoption at the 41st EJN Plenary meeting, in 2013, of the Memorandum on the need for enhancing the collaboration and improving the interconnection between the European Judicial Network and similar judicial cooperation networks in criminal matters, document which includes the cooperation with SEEPAG. Ms. Eomois also presented the benefits offered by the tools contained by the EJN website (the Compedium, the Atlas, Fiches Belges, European Arrest Warrant, a/o).

As  the project came to an end, representatives of the IPA 2010 Project Fight against organised crime and corruption: Strengthening the Prosecutors´ Network present informed about the outcome of the project, including the development of a website offering useful tools for practitioners in the SEE region.

It was decided to have the next SEEPAG Conference under the Chairmanship of Mrs. Eszter Mária Köpf, Prosecutor, Head of Department for International and European Affairs, Office of the Prosecutor General of Hungary, in the Autumn of 2014.

23rd Conference of SEEPAG

Athens/Hellenic Republic, 21-22 October 2013

The second meeting under Greek Chairmanship having as a topic “New trends in the crimes of terrorism in the framework of the current global changes” was held in Athens/Hellenic Republic, on 21-22 October 2013.

The conference was chaired by Mr. Nikolaos Ornerakis, Public Prosecutor of Court of First Instance in Athens and by Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs.

Mr. Charalampos Athanasiou, the Greek Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights and Mr. Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, Secretary General of the Ministry participated at this event, having opening speeches and addressing the topic.

During the conference the participants presented their legislation and institutional capacity for combating terrorism, the international legal instruments ratified and implemented in their domestic legislation and also discussed and exchanged views regarding the instruments and best practices with such cases.

Representatives of SELEC partners, Ukraine and United States of America,  attended the event with a view of developing the cooperation with SEEPAG Member States. They participated at the discussions,  and also introduced their judicial structures and national legislation.

According to the alphabetical rotation principle provided by SEEPAG’s General Guidelines, the Chairmanship was transferred from Hellenic Republic to Hungary, following that Dr. Eszter Mária Köpf, Head of Department for International and European Affairs, Office of the Prosecutor General of Hungary, to take over the SEEPAG Chairmanship for the year 2014.

22nd Conference of SEEPAG

Corfu/ Hellenic Republic, May 8, 2013

Under Greek Chairmanship, the representatives of the Member  States of SEEPAG gathered for their bi-annual meeting, having as a topic “Smuggling of migrants in the frame of organized crime” on the 8th of May 2013, in the Island of Corfu/ Hellenic Republic.

The conference was chaired by Mr. Nikolaos Ornerakis, Deputy Public Prosecutor in Athens’ Court of First Instance, who opened the meeting and welcomed the participants, along with Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs.

During the presentations of the SEEPAG Members, national legislation, best cases and cases’ practical information were shared among the participants. The next SEEPAG meeting was scheduled to take place in October 2013, in Athens/Hellenic Republic.

21st Conference of SEEPAG

Skopje, October 17th - 18th, 2012

The 21st Conference of SEEPAG, having as topic “The relation between the Prosecution Offices and the Media”, was held in Skopje, on 17th - 18th of October 2012, with the participation of the SEEPAG Members, and representatives from the Public Prosecution Office of the host country, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, US Department of Justice and European Judicial Network.

Judge Louis Guirola, US District Court Chief Judge, introduced the topic and shared with the participants the US experience in this matter.

During the meeting, the SEEPAG Members presented their national legislation concerning the topic and also exchanged experiences and views. As well, some activities of a project funded by the European Commission related to the Western Balkans Prosecutors Network were presented.

The participants were distributed the new SEEPAG Leaflet, as a symbol of the network's importance and as a modality of increasing its visibility.

According to the General Guidelines of SEEPAG, and due to the fact that this was the last meeting of the SEEPAG Members for the year 2012, the Chairmanship was transferred to Hellenic Republic, Mr. Nikolaos ORNERAKIS, Public Prosecutor of First Instance in Athens, following to be the Chairperson of SEEPAG for the year 2013.

The next meeting’s topic is “Smuggling of migrants in the frame of organized crime”; the 22nd SEEPAG Meeting being planned to be held in April 2013, in Hellenic Republic.

20th Conference of SEEPAG

Ohrid, May 8th – 9th 2012
Download (PDF):  20th SEEPAG Conference Agenda| Photos

The 20th SEEPAG Meeting, having as topic “Criminal associations, types of organized criminal groups, cases processed in the SEEPAG countries, and problems that arise in practical work” was held on 8th – 9th of May 2012 in Ohrid,  the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, with the participation of all 13 SEEPAG Members, and representatives of Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC), Regional Cooperation Council,  US Department of Justice and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Regional Programme: IPA 2010 “Fight against organized crime and corruption: Strengthening the Prosecutors´ Network” .

Mr. Ljupco Svrgovski, General Public Prosecutor of the host country, addressed the opening remarks, along with the SEEPAG Chairperson, Mr. Jovan Ilievski, and Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs.

During the meeting, Member States’ representatives presented their national legislation and jurisprudence related to the topic of the meeting. In addition, Mrs. Maleeva introduced the newly developed webpage of SEEPAG, which contains, inter alia, the basic legislation in penal matters of the SEEPAG countries as well as main international legal instruments related to the fight against organized crime. The developed website includes also useful tools for an efficient communication and cooperation among the SEEPAG Members.

The members decided that the next SEEPAG Meeting will take place in Skopje, in October 2012, having as topic: “The relation between the prosecution offices and media”.

19th Conference of the SEEPAG

Dubrovnik, November 8th - 9th, 2011
Download (PDF):  19th SEEPAG Conference Agenda| Photos

Under the Croatian Chairmanship, the second meeting of the members of the Southeast European Prosecutors Advisory Group took place in Dubrovnik/ Croatia, on 8th – 9th of November 2011, having as a topic: „Investigating and Prosecuting Crimes of Money Laundering”.

 Members from all 12 member states, along with the SELEC Management and representatives from European Judicial Network, US Department of State and US Department of Justice were present at this event.

 Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC’s acting Director in charge with Legal and Internal Affairs, gave an extensive presentation about SELEC, having in mind that the SELEC Convention entered into force on the 7th of October 2011. Having the SECI Center’s 12 years of experience behind the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center is now set up and is functioning effectively.

 During the meeting the SEEPAG members presented their national legislation related to the topic, exchanged practice of its implementation in their respective countries and gave examples of succesful cases conducted between them in the framework of SEEPAG.

 It was decided that the SEEPAG will continue to function under SELEC’s umbrella and it was agreed the further involvement of the SEEPAG members in the SELEC activities.

With this ocassion, the Chairmanship was transfered to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, according to the rotation procedure established in the SEEPAG’s General Guidelines.

Eighteenth Conference of the SEEPAG

April 12-13, Zagreb, Croatia
Download (PDF):  18th SEEPAG Conference Agenda | Photos

The first meeting of SEEPAG prosecutors under the Croatian Chairmanship, having as a topic „Investigating and prosecuting Cybercrime” was held in Zagreb, on 12-13 of April 2011. The State Attorney General of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Mladen Bajić, attended the event and addressed the participants, along with Mr. Dinko Cvitan, Head of USKOK and Mrs. Diana Kovačević-Remenarić, Deputy State Attorney.

US experts specialized in investigating and prosecuting cybercrime cases offered an overview on how U.S. prosecutors and investigators are building a cybercrime case and what types of special investigative techniques are typically used in these investigations.

Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, the Head of Legal and Internal Department of the SECI Center briefed the participants on the transition process from SECI Center to SELEC and the status of the ratification of the new Convention. She reminded that the SECI Center is supporting, as always, the SEEPAG and that the Members can use the SECI Center channels and capacities in order to facilitate their work.

Seventeenth Conference of SEEPAG

October 12-13, 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria
Download (PDF):  17th Conference Agenda | Photos

Under the Bulgarian Chairmanship the second meeting of this year of the 12 member states representatives was held in Sofia, on 12-13 October 2010, having as topic: „The exchange of classified information in mutual legal assistance”. Representatives of SECI Center, EUROJUST, UNODC, RCC and US Department of Justice attended the event, underlining the development of the prosecutors’ network. As proof of the appreciation for SEEPAG work, RCC, UNODC and EJN are involving the SEEPAG members in their activities and strategies. During the meeting the Chairmanship was transferred to the Croatian representative- Mrs. Zorka FUMIC- who will start her mandate on the 1st of January 2011. The SEEPAG Meetings are held 2 times per year, under one chairmanship, as it rotates in the alphabetical order of the member countries.

Sixteenth Conference of SEEPAG

April 14-15, 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria
Download (PDF):  16th Conference Agenda | Photos

The 16 th SEEPAG Conference was held in Sofia, under Bulgarian Chairmanship, having as a topic „SEEPAG member’s practices in identification, tracing, freezing and confiscation of criminal assets”. The meeting was attended by the Deputy of the General Prosecutor of Republic of Bulgaria- Mrs. Galina Toneva- and by Mrs. Mariana Lilova, National Member for Bulgaria to Eurojust, Mrs. Carla Ciavarella, UNODC Regional Programme Coordinator and by Mr. Sorin Sterie, Senior Advisor on Security, Defence, Justice and Home Affairs, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

Mr. Ibrahim Gul, Head of Legal and Internal Department within the SECI Center, offered the analytical support of the Center in order to have a statistics of the cooperation in concrete cases and proposed to organize a one day meeting in Bucharest, at the beginning of June 2010, with all the SEEPAG Members, the SECI Center’s Liaison Officers and the Prosecutors specialized in combating organized crime from each member country, in order to coordinate their activities and efforts.

Fifteenth Conference of the SEEPAG

November 10-11, 2009, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Download (PDF):  15th Conference Agenda | Photos

On the 10th and 11th of November, the representatives of SEEPAG  held their bi-annual meeting, in Sarajevo, under the Bosnian Chairmanship.  The SEEPAG Conference brought together practitioners to share experiences in the field of prosecution cooperation in criminal matters, sharing specific case studies in order to highlight good practices and challenges, including a case where SEEPAG relationships were instrumental in coordinating a sustained two-country investigation of a violent organized criminal group.  Several other organizations attended and participated in the meeting, including the SECI Center, Eurojust, the European Judicial Network,  Proseco’s Project Manager (Council of Europe), and the Regional Cooperation Council.  At the end of this 15th SEEPAG Conference, the Chairmanship was transferred to Bulgaria to lead the organization during 2010.  Mr. Tsvetomir Yosifov, Bulgaria’s representative, will become the SEEPAG Chairman as of January 1, 2010.  Mr. Yosifov presented a plaquette of appreciation to Mr. Bozo Mihajlovic, the Bosnian SEEPAG representative, who has served as SEEPAG chairman during 2009.

Fourteenth Conference of SEEPAG

May 14-15, 2009, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Download (PDF):  14th Conference Agenda | 14th Conference Minutes

The 14 th meeting of the SEEPAG Members was held on 14-15 May 2009, in Sarajevo, having as a topic” Mutual legal assistance in the SEEPAG Countries”. An evaluation of the status with the Agreements on mutual assistance in criminal matters signed between SEEPAG member states was made, the most important instrument in this matter being the Second Protocol to the European Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters. The member states which did not ratify yet the Protocol are in the process to. Also, the members agreed that it is a necessity to establish an institutionalized Secretariat.
In terms of MLA, the members came to the conclusion that their efforts should concentrate in intensifying the communication and assist each other by determing the exact direction of the request and establishing each member as Focal Point and inform national authorities in order to be more visible.

Thirteenth Conference of SEEPAG

November, 20-21, Tirana, Albania
Download (PDF):  13th Conference Agenda

Twelfth Conference of SEEPAG

June, 26-27, 2008, Durres, Albania
Download (PDF):  12th Conference Agenda | 12th Conference Minutes

Eleventh Conference of SEEPAG

March, 20-21, 2008, Istanbul, Turkey
Download (PDF):  11th Conference Agenda | 11th Conference Minutes

Tenth Conference of SEEPAG

October, 25-26, 2007, Bucharest, Romania.
Download (PDF):  10th Conference Agenda | 10th Conference Minutes

Ninth Conference of SEEPAG

June, 14-15, 2007 Istanbul, Turkey
Download (PDF):  9th Conference | 9th Conference Minutes | Photos

The 9th meeting of SEEPAG was held on 14-15 of June 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey with the general topic of "Terrorism Financing", highlighting the importance of effective coordination and information exchange in the SEE region in the fight against the financing of terrorism. During the business section of the conference, a Romanian proposal was adopted that amends the General Guidelines of SEEPAG in order to permit the hiring of a permanent Secretary for SEEPAG. In addition, the member countries reported on steps taken to increase the visibility and utility of the SEEPAG network of prosecutors.

Eighth Conference of SEEPAG

February 15-16, 2007, Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia
Download (PDF):  8th Conference Agenda | 8th Conference Minutes | Photos

Seventh Conference of SEEPAG

November 9-10, 2006, Bucharest, Romania
Download (PDF):  7th Conference Agenda | 7th Conference Minutes | Photos

Sixth Conference of SEEPAG

June 19-20, 2006 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Download (PDF):  6th Conference Minutes | 6th Conference Attendance List

Fifth Conference of SEEPAG

February 22-23, 2006, Belgrade, Serbia
Download (PDF):  5th Conference Agenda | 5th Conference Minutes

The 5th SEEPAG Conference was held in Belgrade on February 22-23, and again brought together the SEEPAG delegates and international observers. These observers included representatives from EJN, Eurojust, and the EU CARDS Judicial Project. All participants recognized the SEEPAG as a maturing regional platform for cooperation among prosecutors in the fight against organized crime. In particular, it was acknowledged that the EU CARDS' prosecutors network operated as a complement to the SEEPAG network.

A highlight of the meeting was the public recognition of Serbia and Montenegro for its role as founding chair, and host, for the SEEPAG, with special recognition to Mr. Jovan Krstic, Deputy Prosecutor General of Serbia, who served as chairperson for 2 years. At this meeting, Mr. Mirko Vrtacnik, Deputy Prosecutor General of Slovenia, was elected chairperson for 2006, consistent with the alphabetical rotation of the chairmanship among the member countries, provided for in the SEEPAG General Guidelines. He proposed an agenda for the SEEPAG in 2006 which concentrates on "regional witness protection". A workshop to discuss this issue was scheduled for June 2006 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Finally, thanks and appreciation were expressed to Mr. Djordje Mancic, Secretary of the SEEPAG, whose mandate was scheduled to end in May, 2006.

1st Extraordinary Expert Meeting

Download (PDF):  SEEPAG Conclusions Athens

26 July 2005, Athens , Greece

Fourth Conference of SEEPAG

December 15, 2004, Belgrade, Serbia
Download (PDF):  4th Conference Agenda | 4th Conference Minutes | 4th Conference Attendance List

The 4 th SEEPAG Conference was organized in Belgrade on December 14-15, and again brought together the SEEPAG delegates as well as representatives of the various international institutions. The Conference confirmed that the main international actors in the field of judicial cooperation support the SEEPAG initiative. The SEEPAG is perceived as a counterpart that should have an important role in the wider international response to the trans-border crime challenge.

However, the main result of the conference was adoption of the SEEPAG basic documents. This opened possibility for institutionalising of the SEEPAG as an international mechanism, and clarified of its tasks and competence. The network of experienced prosecutors with the task to facilitate the rapid exchange of information and evidence in trans-border investigations has been officially set up.

Third Meeting of SEEPAG

July 21-22, 2004, Belgrade, Serbia

The Third Conference of the SEEPAG, which was held in Belgrade on July 21-22, brought together prosecutors from the 12 countries of the region, as well representatives of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, the European Commission, the European Judicial Network, the EUROJUST, Seci Center and the United States Departments of State and Justice. Work of this forum resulted in identification of main problems related to functioning of the SEEPAG. In particular, adoption of the SEEPAG basic documents was identified as the precondition for grounding the SEEPAG as an efficient operational instrument

Second Meeting of SEEPAG

April 19-20, 2004, Bucharest, Romania

The SEEPAG participants addressed operational issues related to development of the initiative, and formed several SEEPAG working group, a mechanisms that are tasked to gear the SEEPAG activities within respective fields.

First Meeting of SEEPAG

December 11-12, 2003, Belgrade, Serbia

At the first SEEPAG meeting, SEE countries confirmed its' mature political stands to undertake operational measures in combating trans border crime. As the result, the Belgrade Declaration was signed, as a document that provided for legal basis of the SEEPAG functioning.

JCC Meeting: launch of the initiative

October 9-10, 2003

The SEEPAG initiative, from its beginnings in December 2003, has been a developing process in which 12 countries of the region were trying to reach the most appropriate model of cooperation. This was a complex process, due to the fact that a large number of participants with different political views and legal backgrounds were involved.