Brazos County Crime Stoppers Review of 40 Cold Cases Revisited in the Past 40 Days – WTAW

Brazos County Crime Stoppers is completing its review of 40 cold cases revisited over the past 40 days as part of the organization’s 40th anniversary.

Brazos County Crime Stoppers Coordinator and Deputy Sheriff Rob Santasiero said 25 cases were cleared by whistleblowers and other sources.

During the 40-day period, Crime Stoppers received 44 tips, College Station ISD 48, and Bryan ISD 67.

In the presence of retired Sheriff and Crime Stoppers Coordinator Chris Kirk, the organization announced that a new Legacy Award in Kirk’s name will be presented each year.

Click below for comments from Michael Kuitu, Brazos County Crime Stoppers Board Member, Brazos County Sheriff Wayne Dicky, Rob Santasiero and Chris Kirk:

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Retired Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk holding a plaque that will display the names of an annual Brazos County Crime Stoppers award.  Next to Kirk is Crime Stoppers Coordinator and Sheriff's Deputy Rob Santasiero.
Retired Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk holding a plaque that will display the names of an annual Brazos County Crime Stoppers award. Next to Kirk is Crime Stoppers Coordinator and Sheriff’s Deputy Rob Santasiero.

Brazos County Crime Stoppers Press Release:

Thank you to all our media partners, law enforcement partners, but above all to our community for all your support during this event. It is a huge honor to work with you and an obligation to our community to do our best every day.

Thank you to the media and representatives who were able to attend our press conference this morning. For those who could not, do not hesitate to contact me for more details. In the end, it was more successful than we could have hoped for. We haven’t closed the very old unresolved cases, but every clue has been tracked by multiple law enforcement agencies, and any new information is welcome. While the amount of tips did not increase much, the quality of the information received did. In many cases, the information was liable to prosecution and led either to arrest or in many cases to further investigation with a view to subsequent arrest.

A total of 44 denunciations were received by Brazos County Crimestoppers. Some of the advice was based on Crime Stoppers press releases, but went directly to law enforcement.

Two were cleared by arrest, three authorized by arrest but not specifically related to tips, three provided further confirmation to the information we already had. A total of 25 of those denunciations were cleared overall, including a fugitive apprehension yesterday, just hours after the press release was issued. Thank you to our community and media partners and our fellow law enforcement agencies for helping us achieve this.

We also discussed the “pattern crimes” that we often see, especially during the holidays. Burglaries, vehicle break-ins, frauds and more are common, but there are some simple things you can do to stay safe. A number of tips are embedded in the YouTube link below and posted on law enforcement media pages, usually referred to as the “9 p.m. routine.” These are simple things that make the criminal’s job much more difficult and go a long way in keeping you and your family safe.

The last, and arguably the highlight of this morning’s press conference, was the announcement of the Sheriff Christopher C. Kirk Legacy Award, which will be presented annually by Brazos County Crimestoppers. We want to honor the legacy of above self service and commitment to keeping our community safe that Sheriff Kirk instilled in us during his tenure, by recognizing each year someone in our community who strives to live up to this heritage. And we asked Kirk if he would help us select the appropriate first recipient.

All cases that are still active in the last 40 days can be found here on our YouTube channel. We will also be operating on our home page at for approximately a month, and will then be archived in our Open Cases tab. It will also be pinned to the top of our Facebook page. Please feel free to post this on your social media as well, and however long it takes, Crime Stoppers will not forget and we will continue to bring closure and justice to victims and their families.

Mark M. Gagnon