Caldwell ISD School Board Meeting Has High Attendance Amid District Criminal Investigations

CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) – The Caldwell ISD school board meeting began at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. This is the first time the Caldwell ISD school board has met since four high school students were arrested for assaulting another student on the bus.

Many parents and students should come to the meeting to voice their concerns about the way the district is handling the situation.

“Basically they’re asking if I mean what’s going to happen with the girls?” Are they really out of the school system now? Do they still go to school and things and how come they didn’t kick them out? Said Cathy Erwin, a mother of four at Caldwell ISD.

Only about 50 people at a time will be able to enter the Caldwell ISD board room for the meeting. Frustrated parents had the chance to speak publicly to the school board. It was a full room for the meeting.

Last week, dozens of students walked out of high school on Thursday and Friday, unhappy that those accused of the attack had not been kicked off campus. Erwin and other parents want answers.

“From what I gather, all of my friends and relatives say they will be there and with everything I see on Facebook, they will be there to voice their opinions,” she said.

KBTX reached out to several school board members, including the president, but none were willing to comment ahead of the meeting.

On Wednesday afternoon, Caldwell ISD responded to our request for the first time in days.

“Caldwell ISD is investigating an incident on a CISD bus, and once the investigation is completed, this incident will be handled in accordance with our code of student conduct,” Kim Pagach, director of communications for Caldwell ISD, said in a statement. .

We also spoke to the school board administration after the meeting.

“Well the biggest thing I think we will need to do in the future is to review our policies and make sure what we have in place is the best for all of our students… We are just gonna follow our policies and doing the best job possible with the backgrounds we all bring to the table, ”said William Foster, Caldwell ISD School Board Chairman.

Another thing we found out in this reunion is who will inherit these parents’ frustrations next month. Caldwell Superintendent Andrew Peters is retiring at the end of December. The district named Dr. James Barton as their only finalist for the post of superintendent. He’s from ISD San ​​Marcos.

The case against the four teenagers is still ongoing in the Milam County court system. Their grand jury will then meet on November 18. Milam County executed search warrants on the phones of the four suspects.

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Mark M. Gagnon