Central Indiana Crime Stoppers to add Madison County

ANDERSON, Ind. – Starting July 1, Central Indiana Crime Stoppers is expanding and Anderson Crime Stoppers will be no more.

Madison County law enforcement gathered Thursday to learn more about Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana and how it will help departments solve crimes.

“Looking at the advice we’re getting from central Indiana, it’s very detailed,” Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger said. Mellinger is the one who initially contacted Central Indiana Crime Stoppers to come in.

Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana will replace Anderson Crime Stoppers, a Madison County tool for nearly 40 years.

Anderson County Crime Stoppers have been kicked out of the Anderson Police Department, a task that may take time, according to Anderson Police Chief Michael Lee.

“They’ll filter it, determine which department it belongs to, if there’s any additional information they need to locate it before passing it on,” Lee said, referring to his team’s supervisor who handles each anonymous tip.

The move to Central Indiana Crime Stoppers will free up resources. Lee said the CICC staff are doing a great job.

“It’s almost as good as the person talking to a police officer on the phone and sometimes maybe even a little better,” Lee said.

As law enforcement learns how this new tool works, the goal is also to educate the public about the new service to which they will report anonymously.

“It goes through our servers in Canada and then comes back to Indiana,” said Daniel Rosenberg, director of Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana. “There’s no way for me to get that IP address or caller ID that identifies who you are.”

Rosenberg led practice Thursday.

With Anderson Crime Stoppers, if you called after hours, you were met with a voicemail. If you call Central Indiana Crime Stoppers, you’ll get a real person 24/7. Rosenberg said real conversation gives better advice.

“When we have a conversation, I’m going to be a lot more specific about what’s going on.”

The bigger goal is simply to let Madison County residents know that Crime Stoppers Central Indiana is now the go-to for anonymous crime tips in the area.

“If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe providing information directly to law enforcement, we are the tool for you,” Rosenberg said.

Starting July 1, if you want to report a tip anonymously in Madison County, call (317) 262-TIPS.

Mark M. Gagnon