City of Fort Myers to Provide Funding to Crime Stoppers to Help Search for Suspects

Two men were killed within a day of each other and since those responsible are on the run, the city of Fort Myers will help with the search.

The city of Fort Myers is helping with the search by providing funds to Crime Stoppers after a football coach was shot and killed in his truck. And Danny Hand, 61, was killed the next day by a fleeing driver.

The Fort Myers Police Department is investigating both cases.

The City of Fort Myers does not want to see such crime continue or increase. WINK News spoke with the mayor of Fort Myers, he said crimes like homicides and hit-and-runs have gone down over the past two years.

Lawrence Kafus’s life changed forever when his father was killed by a getaway driver. “Not only was he my dad, he was my best friend and they took something from me that can never be replaced,” Kafus said.

On July 30, Hand, 61, was killed by a hit-and-run driver along Highland Avenue. His son Kafus, cannot understand how anyone could take a life and leave the scene.

“They took him away from his grandchildren, took him away from his sister, his mother, his wife, I mean his wife is devastated,” Kafus said. “It was all about her and they just took it away.”

Now Kafus is racing to find his father’s killer, and the Fort Myers City Council is rallying to help bring the suspect to justice.

“It’s horrible every time you hear about someone who lost their life, but just when you know them or there’s a connection, it stings a little more,” the mayor of Fort Myers said. , Kevin Anderson.

Councilman Johnny Streets has felt the sting of this deeply given he is a family friend of Craig Truttling, the football coach who was murdered in his car near Highland Avenue on July 29.

“Council collectively said, ‘Hey, we’re going to support the Streets council members’ motion to give him some money and see if we can help get some advice to identify and arrest the perpetrators,'” the mayor said. Anderson.

“It makes me feel special, my family feels special to take the time and help us through this situation,” Kufus said.

Either way, there is now a $5,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. The money the city puts into Crimestoppers comes from the Johnny Streets discretionary fund. Every council member has one, it’s taxpayer money, but if you know who killed these two men, call Crimestoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS (8477).

Mark M. Gagnon