Clarksville Crime Stoppers Increases Rewards for Dead End Homicides

CLARKSVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Clarksville-Montgomery County Crime Stoppers and the Clarksville Police Department hope to provide more families with closure and justice.

Cash rewards will increase from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 for information that helps resolve unresolved cases.

Crime Stoppers allows people to submit tips anonymously without retaliation.

In Clarksville, cold cases are classified as a homicide over three years old or a missing persons case in which the person has not been seen for over a year.

There are 29 of these cases. Currently, the oldest dates from 1991.

One of the unsolved cases from 1992 is the murder of Jerry Cope, also known as “P’Knutts”.

She was killed while closing a local bar. No suspect has ever been named.

Detectives say there’s nothing like being able to shut down families.

“One of the best feelings is to call a mom or dad at the office and they wait for answers, and you can tell them their family member’s case has been resolved,” said Captain Keenan Carlton from the Clarksville Police Department.

Over the past two years, Clarksville Police have been able to make these calls after resolving seven unresolved cases.

You can contact the Clarksville Montgomery County Crime Stoppers here.

Mark M. Gagnon