Crime Stoppers: Burglaries at Fast Food Restaurants

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Your help is needed right now Texoma, identifying a man wanted in connection with a series of burglaries in Wichita Falls.

Wichita Falls police said all of the crimes took place in April 2020 and were at fast food restaurants.

All three burglaries took place at Burger King on Holiday St. and both Sonic on Kemp and Jacksboro Highway.

Police say they were robbed while the business was closed, and although the individual is difficult to identify from photos, police are confident the same person is responsible for all three crimes.

“They are very similar. Where they entered the building and then what happened inside, so it seems to be related” Sgt. Wichita Falls Police Department PIO Charlie Eipper said.

The description is vague, but the police hope you recognize something about the suspect that will help them put him behind bars.

“Any information we can get. Someone is talking about it, please give us a call, call Crime Stoppers or call us on our non-emergency number. We ask our citizens to help us,” said Sgt. Eipper said.

Contact Crime Stoppers in Wichita Falls by calling (940) 322-9888 or (940) 720-5000 for the non-emergency line.

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Mark M. Gagnon