Crime Stoppers Offers $ 1,000 Reward for Information Identifying Manitou Springs Burglar | New

The Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers offered $ 1,000 for information leading to the arrest of an individual responsible for the burglary and / or vandalism of five businesses in Manitou Springs over a three-month period, officials said Tuesday. Manitou Springs Police Department.

The award was announced in conjunction with the ministry’s request for information on a suspect they believe was responsible for the burglary and vandalism of two businesses on Thursday. One in block 400 of avenue Manitou, the other in block 500 of boulevard El Paso. The suspect caused damages estimated at $ 4,000 to businesses, police said.

Another business in the 700 block of Manitou Avenue was affected on Sunday.

Two other businesses were broken into and vandalized in July. One in block 900 of avenue Manitou and the other in block 100 of avenue Cañon. Damage estimated at $ 6,000 was caused at that time, police said.

Police believe the July and October incidents are linked, city spokesman Alex Trefry said.

“The Manitou Springs Police Department is committed to holding accountable whoever is responsible for these crimes,” Manitou Acting Chief Bill Otto said in a statement. “It is heartbreaking to see independent local businesses fall victim to such an insane crime.”

Only tips from the Crime Stoppers system will be eligible for the reward, officials said. To contact Crime Stoppers, dial 719-634-7867.

Mark M. Gagnon