Crime Stoppers Offers Highest Reward Ever for Helping 20-Year Cold Case

DENVER (KDVR) – The family of a murder victim donates $ 100,000 to help catch their killer (s). This is one of the biggest rewards ever offered by our partners at Metro Denver Crime Stoppers.

Thad “TJ” Tigges was a radiology technician who rose through the ranks in the medical field. He liked to help others.

“He was friendly with everyone, got along with everyone I knew. His friends also said it at the hospital. There were a lot of them at the funeral who said Thad would help anyone at any time, ”Phyllis Tigges said of her son.

“I know it’s been 20 years, but it doesn’t make any difference how long it’s been,” Tigges said.

Tigges made it his mission to find the person (s) who shot and killed his son, who was 33 when he was killed.

“Every day I take a walk in the morning and pray every day that something or someone will come forward and end this horrible nightmare for us. It never goes away,” Tigges said.

Tigges was shot while answering his door at 29e Avenue and Newton Street on January 25, 2001. His family doesn’t know why anyone would want to hurt him.

“It was not accidental or arbitrary, it was not theft, he answered his door, and he was shot and left for dead,” said Michael Mills, president of Metro Denver Crime Stoppers.

The Tigges family thinks someone knows something and is hoping this $ 100,000 award will jog someone’s memory or force them to do the right thing by showing up.

“I hope that maybe the amount of money, whoever knows about it. There is someone who knows all about this, I hope this helps them develop awareness. Maybe if they could use that money, I don’t know. I would do anything to try and get these guys caught, ”Tigges said.

Since 1981, Metro Denver Crime Stoppers has helped solve over 5,000 cases, leading to 3,300 arrests.

“I think it’s the least we can do as a community if you know something, say something, get involved, anonymously that would be great. With some of the new photos, via social media, the website and your story, it would be a wonderful holiday gift for the Tigges family to hopefully get some answers, ”Mills said.

“It would mean the world to me. I don’t want to die without knowing who did it. He was finally at the point where he had confidence in himself, he was doing well. Life was going to be fine for him and they took him. It is not fair. He deserves justice. This case must be resolved. We need justice for Thad and our family, ”Tigges said.

If you have any information on who killed Thad “TJ” Tigges, you can call our partners at Metro Denver Crime Stoppers. The number is 720-913-STOP (7867). You can remain anonymous and still be eligible for the cash reward.

Mark M. Gagnon