Crime Stoppers Supports Senator Whitmire’s Bail Fee Legislation

HOUSTON, TX – Crime Stoppers of Houston applauds longtime partner Sen. John Whitmire’s plan to introduce legislation that would require bail companies to collect at least 10% before a defendant charged with a violent crime does post a deposit.

Crime Stoppers has never opposed OFFENSE bail reform. We oppose the discretionary application of the federal court order regarding misdemeanor defendants applied to felony defendants. CEO Rania Mankarious said, “Crime Stoppers has always supported public safety efforts and agrees with the 10% requirement and hopes Harris County will support Senator John Whitmire’s proposed legislation. We believe this should be rightly considered.

Further, “we hope Harris County leaders will also support the constitutional amendment that failed in the last legislative session that would allow judges to withhold bail from defendants charged with violent crimes like murder,” said Andy Kahan, Director of Victim Services and Advocacy for Crime Stoppers.

We believe that the passage of such an amendment along with the minimum 10% bail fee will bring great improvements to our public safety.

Mark M. Gagnon