Donald Trump drowns in criminal investigations and legally fucked

“What does he have to offer someone?” And in fact, there is every interest in crushing it, ”D’Antonio told the To post.

While there are many to choose from, the most disturbing legal issue Trump probably faces is Vance’s criminal investigation, which examines possible insurance, banking, and tax fraud. Last month, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office hired Brand Pomerantz, who helped put John Gotti and others involved in organized crime behind bars to work on the Trump case. Among other things, Pomerantz would have worked to obtain Allen Weisselberg, the longtime CFO of the Trump organization who knows where all the bodies are buried, only to turn around. Equally terrifying, for someone trying to stay out of jail, is the fact that Vance has something that no other investigator who has looked into Trump’s affairs has had before: the tax returns of the ex-president, that the former real estate developer with curiosity refused to be released while running for office and fought tooth and nail to keep it a secret. After the Supreme Court rejected his ultimate attempt to keep information out of Vance’s reach, Trump took to the skies, claiming to be the victim of “the biggest political witch-hunt in our country’s history.” And while that’s not true, you can probably understand why he was upset! As a former fixer Michael cohen said to To post, The “level of review” undertaken by Vance’s office “is unprecedented in Trump’s corporate history,” on par with “proctological review of the highest level.”

PS Trump is also screwed financially

Yes, he’s still worth some $ 2.5 billion, but that’s a drop of $ 700 million since he became president and it looks like the number may continue to drop, according to the To post:

Several of its hotels and resorts reported sharp declines in 2020. At Trump Tower in Manhattan, a major commercial tenant, Tiffany & Co., is considering vacating its space. Another, Marc Fisher Footwear, stopped paying his rent in November, according to a lawsuit filed by the Trump Organization against the shoe company this month. The company owes more than $ 1.4 million in arrears, according to the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, thanks to the events of January 6, 2021, Trump can no longer rely on past revenue streams like hosting LPGA events, which can make it difficult to repay the billion dollars he owes to creditors. On the other hand, who knows how much money he will earn by scamming his supporters via his super PAC!

Mark M. Gagnon