Four guards arrested or suspended in three criminal investigations

Four Garda members have been arrested or suspended from duty in three separate criminal investigations focused on a drug gang, an alleged information leak and an alleged assault.

Of the three ongoing investigations, one is led by the National Guard Criminal Investigation Bureau (GNBCI), the Serious Crime Force Squad, while another is led by the new anti-corruption unit. of the Guard, whose operations are currently developing. .

Two guards were arrested for questioning on Thursday evening after a teenager claimed he was assaulted at a south Dublin Garda station earlier this year. The teenager claims he was assaulted in the public office area of ​​Garda station during an interaction that was caught on CCTV.

The teenager filed a criminal complaint which led to the gardaí, one of whom is a sergeant, to be detained for questioning.

“The incident is still under investigation,” a Garda spokesperson told the Irish Times in response to questions.


Meanwhile, a Dublin-based Garda sergeant has been suspended from duty over allegations he leaked information about this week’s extradition from Spain of murder suspect Gerry Hutch (58). The man, based in the Dublin area, was suspended “in connection with an investigation by Garda’s anti-corruption unit”.

In a third, unrelated case, a Garda member was suspended on Friday as part of an investigation into allegations that a former senior Garda officer aided a drug gang. This investigation, conducted by the GNBCI, resulted in the search of five properties in Dublin on Wednesday.

Cannabis worth € 600,000 was discovered and € 47,000 in cash was also seized. A man in his sixties, a former senior officer of the Garda, was arrested. He was still being held Friday night at a Garda station in south Dublin city center.

He was detained “because he was suspected of having participated in offenses[relatingtotheallegedstrengtheningofthecapacityofacriminalorganizationtocommitorfacilitateaseriousoffense”[relativesauprétendurenforcementdelacapacitéd’uneorganisationcriminelleàcommettreouàfaciliteruneinfractiongrave»

His period of detention was extended by the courts on Friday by an additional 72 hours after the expiration of the initial 48-hour period of his detention.

A small number of active Garda members have also been targeted during searches as part of the same investigation in recent days. While none of the guards on duty were arrested, one was suspended from duty on Friday as the investigation continued.

In response to questions, Garda headquarters in Phoenix Park in Dublin said: “A member of An Garda Síochána serving in the Dublin area has been suspended from his duties. . . in the context of this investigation carried out by the GNBCI ”.

This investigation examines allegations that the retired senior Garda officer received confidential information that was used by a drug gang to facilitate its activities and, if so, how this information was passed to him from there. inside the Garda force. No finding of wrongdoing, whether of a criminal or disciplinary nature, was drawn against the active members of the Garda or the former officer.

Mark M. Gagnon