Laredo Crime Stoppers tipsters and why they are calling

LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) – An organization that fights crime says it has noticed a specific trend among tipsters.

Laredo Crime Stoppers have been around for decades and rely on community members to help them stop criminal activity in the city.

Colleen Rodriguez, executive director of Crime Stoppers, says they have tipsters who believe strongly in their program and report what they see in their community.

Although the calls are 100% anonymous, she says her team has started noticing frequent calls who take the job very seriously.

Colleen says they’ve had tipsters who shared information about why they were doing it; some of them had lost their jobs, others had their children home schooled and so they wanted to be able to buy materials with the money they received from the information they provided.

Rodriguez says they’ve seen an increase during the pandemic, since these expert tipsters rely on cash rewards provided by crime-fighting officers.

Crime stoppers are in the criminal code, which means that all information that passes through them is anonymous and cannot be subpoenaed by a judge or anyone in court.

They say they protect their tipsters and the information they provide.

The organization says it depends on fundraisers like the Menudo Bowl to help provide the cash rewards to people who call to report criminal activity.

During the pandemic, in terms of operations and services, Crime Stoppers has continued to serve the community and provide cash rewards to tipsters.

If you want to support Laredo Crime Stoppers, you can participate in the Menudo Bowl this Saturday at 10 a.m.

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Mark M. Gagnon