LPD arrests three in 24 hours based on advice from Crime Stoppers

LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – The Lawton Police Department 24 Hours has been charged, following Southwest Oklahoma Crime Stoppers leads and arresting three wanted felons based on this information.

7NEWS first spoke to viewers on Monday about LPD’s efforts to catch a man who was wanted in a shooting incident.

Micah Kopaddy escaped, but on Wednesday detectives found and arrested him, bringing the case to an end.

All thanks to an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers.

Detective Dustin Dye of the Lawton Police Department receives Crime Stoppers advice and dispatches it to law enforcement in southwest Oklahoma.

“When a crime happens, not everyone wants to come forward,” Dye said. “Crime Stoppers gives the public this line from where they can step out and present information that they may have seen or heard or just know that they have been sitting for a while and weighing heavily on their conscience.

Another trick led to the arrest this week of Samuel Joseph Foley who was wanted for major theft.

Crime Stoppers President Shereyl Grubbs said the arrests are proof that Crime Stoppers Councils work.

“Most of the time, the advice will tell officers exactly where to find that person, if there are any weapons or something, so that they feel safe and prepared when they go to engage with an individual.” and that allows officers to just sort of know what’s going on while they’re in a situation, ”Grubbs said.

In 2021, the organization received more than 400 tips that led to the arrest of 24 wanted criminals and paid more than $ 8,400 in rewards to informants.

“It gets the bad guys off the streets. Ultimately we want to make our neighborhoods safer and Crime Stoppers is that way of doing it, ”Dye said. “It’s that way of coming together, providing information and allowing law enforcement, again, to come out and do their job and make these arrests.”

According to Grubbs, these tips can not only help solve crimes, but also prevent them.

She said that even if you’re not sure about a tip you should submit it anyway because you never know if it might help solve a crime.

“We really think it’s important for the community to feel safe and also to feel that they have the capacity to participate in the way their community thrives and functions,” said Grubbs.

You can submit an anonymous tip by calling 580-355-INFO, visiting www.lawtoncrimestoppers.com or through the app on your smartphone.

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Mark M. Gagnon