Milwaukee Crime Stoppers pays tipster $11,000 reward after homicide arrest

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — An anonymous tipster has received a big reward after leading police to a man on the run following a fatal shooting.

The whistleblower led to the arrest of Jordan Tate, the man accused of killing Krystal Tucker, 31, outside the Brownstone Social Lounge in February.

Milwaukee Crime Stoppers board members say community guidance is essential to solving cases like Tucker’s and keeping our community safe.

“Just walking around town knowing you might be walking next to your loved one’s killer is unnerving,” said Milwaukee Crime Stoppers board member Camille Mays.

A victim of gun violence herself, Mays wanted to support a way for community members to feel safe reporting unsolved crimes.

“I used to come into contact with a lot of people in the community who were victims, and people had seen a lot of things. People wanted to do something, but they were afraid to speak up. was not a security in the way they reported anonymously through the usual anonymous line… they were saying the police were always coming to their door,” Mays said.

An anonymous tip recently led to the arrest of Jordan Tate and an $11,000 reward was approved by the board.

“My sister was great friends with Krystal,” Mays said.

Officials say Tucker was killed when Jordan Tate opened fire outside the Brownstone Social Lounge in February.

After months on the run, Tate was arrested in Glendale last month. “I’m happy to see that a family has found justice,” Mays said.

“Crime Stoppers itself started in 1976, but in Milwaukee we didn’t start until October 2019,” said Scott Abrams, vice president of Milwaukee Crime Stoppers.

Krystal Tucker’s case is one of seven solved homicides following advice to Milwaukee Crime Stoppers.

“We would like to have more tips. We would like to solve more crimes. We would like to solve more homicides, but we need the public’s help,” Abrams said.

In addition to solved homicide cases, Milwaukee Crime Stoppers has solved more than 50 other crimes through anonymous tips since its inception in 2019.

We can all do our part to make our community a safer place. Anyone with helpful information about a police investigation can call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers anonymously at 414-224-TIPS.

There are several unsolved cases with great rewards thanks to Milwaukee Crime Stoppers.

Quanita “Tay” Jackson, killed August 2019, $100,000.00 reward

Brazil Johnson, killed June 2022, $28,000.00 reward

Jenny Her, killed December 2021, $11,000.00 reward

Bernell Trammel, killed July 2020, $15,000.00 reward

Roneil Sylvester Jr, killed August 2020, $20,000.00 reward

Thomas Elliott, killed December 2021, $2,500.00 reward

Winfred Jackson Jr, killed March 2020, $4,000.00 reward

Mark M. Gagnon