OPD recovers more than 120 weapons linked to criminal investigations in 2022

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) – Owensboro Police Department officials said they seized more than 120 firearms tied to criminal investigations this year.

They say the seizure of all these firearms comes with multiple charges.

We’re told they’ve charged more than 20 minors and 30 adults in criminal cases involving firearms this year.

These fees include:

  • Murder (4 counts)
  • Attempted murder of a police officer (2 counts)
  • Possession of a handgun by a minor (20 counts)
  • Possession of a handgun/firearm by a convicted felon (32 counts)
  • Receipt of Stolen Property – Firearm (20 counts)
  • Possession of defaced firearm (4 counts)
  • Free 1st degree endangerment (10 counts)
  • 1st degree robbery (1 count)
  • 2nd Degree Assault (1 count)
  • Carry Concealed Lethal Weapon (1 count)

Officials say another 180 criminal charges have been filed as a result of those investigations.

Some of these fees include:

  • 1st degree burglary
  • Endangering the well-being of a minor
  • Escape the 3rd degree
  • Flee or evade the police 1st and 2nd degree
  • resist arrest
  • Tampering with physical evidence
  • Trafficking in 1st degree controlled substances
  • Illegal imprisonment

Owensboro officials tell us they’ve seen a noticeable increase in the theft of firearms, often from unlocked cars.

We are told that from January 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022, a total of 64 firearms were stolen, a 36% increase from 2021.

They say that’s a 60% increase from 2020 and 94% from 2019.

Officials want to remind the public that securing your guns is an easy step to making the community safer.

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Mark M. Gagnon