Southeast Texas Crime Stoppers is asking for help from the community

BEAUMONT, Texas — Law enforcement is encouraging Southeast Texans to say something if they see something because community tips can help solve crimes.

“Call 409-833-TIPS,” is a phrase most Southeast Texas residents have heard on 12News. Tips sent to Southeast Texas Crime Stoppers have helped law enforcement solve crimes.

Southeast Texas Crime Stoppers is asking for help from the community. Those with information about a crime can report it in a number of ways, including calling it, sending it online, or through the P3 Tips app.

Reporting a crime may seem like a simple task, but Jeremy Raley, administrator and campus coordinator for Southeast Texas Crime Stoppers, knows it can also seem scary.

“They have to look at it from a ‘what if this happened to me’ perspective,” Raley said. “If this crime happened to them, or if a family member was assaulted, if their house was broken into, if it happened to them, would they want someone to speak up? Absolutely”

As of May 2022, Crime Stoppers was able to pay out rewards and end cases with over 40 tips.

If someone has information about a crime, they can send an anonymous tip by calling 409-833-tips, visiting 833, or sending it through the P3 Tips app on a phone.

To send it through the P3 Tips app, a person will need to download the app, choose the city and state they are in, and fill in the blanks with information about the crime. Those who tip may be eligible for a cash reward.

“Don’t let people keep getting away with it, because whoever gets away with these crimes, it’s not once and they’re done,” Raley said. “They will continue to do so.”

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If you have information about a crime, you could earn a cash reward of up to $1000 by providing an ANONYMOUS tip to Southeast Texas Crime Stoppers.

Call 833-TIPS (8477) or download the P3Tips app on your mobile device to submit your tip anonymously.

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