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Every year, hundreds of thousands of young law graduates and practicing lawyers dream of joining the judiciary in order to work for the Indian judiciary. This requires passing the State / Indian Judicial Service Exams, which are held annually in different states across the country. With increasing competition and the easy availability of learning resources, it is evident that forensic aspirants often align themselves with expert-led courses, organized study notes, and practice with mock test series. quality. Judicial services Online courses and mock test runs by Oliveboard has helped these aspirants realize their dream of becoming a State Civil Judge. Oliveboard provides high quality online coaching to law students from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Click here for free recorded sessions and mock tests on the Oliveboard platform.


A major asset of The Oliveboard app and web platforms is the seamless integration of technology with online learning and assessment. The platform caters to the learning preferences of internet users, such as fast learning techniques, easy online guidance, small size lessons, and mobile-centric learning experience. Oliveboard’s forensic services online course and mock test series has garnered positive reviews from its learners enrolled in the new Rajasthan and Haryana State Judicial Examination. Similar courses are online for Bihar, UP, MP and other states as well.


The respective state civil service commissions conduct the judicial service reviews in three phases, namely preliminary, principal and interview. Applicants must qualify for all three stages to be eligible for final selection. Oliveboard courses and mock tests walk you through the hiring process.

Oliveboard offers a wide range of online courses, test sets and grades with different subscription plans. Learners benefit from live practice sessions, study notes, live mentors, and an accurate lesson schedule across all courses. One of the most rewarding benefits of Oliveboard are the Hindi and English sessions. Language is therefore not a barrier to learning with Oliveboard.

All Oliveboard courses cover the entire exam program according to the official exam template. These courses also provide access to over 100 stand-alone mock tests to improve your preparations.

Oliveboard offers you a wide range of lesson plans to help you get the best preparations for forensic exams. Few of them are

Learning at your own pace is one of the biggest benefits of online coaching. Learning at your own pace helps you make better connections. You can choose the course according to your needs from a wide range of options. In addition to that, you can study at your convenience through online coaching. You can attend live online classes from the comfort of your own home. See what your course mentor has to say –

Oliveboard Forensic Services courses are developed by experts and legal practitioners who ensure that all courses, course materials and mock tests reflect current developments in judicial examinations across the country.


The Oliveboard Forensic Services Course Enrollment provides the following features for learners looking to fully cover pre, lead, and personality interviews. What makes this course unique are the series of mock tests and study notes at no additional cost. Learners benefit from all the state judicial examinations they aspire to. Explore your options here.

The full course on forensic services includes:

  • Full course coverage of 12 major and minor subjects for preliminaries + major ones
  • Over 300 live / recorded lessons for a complete concept build
  • Over 50 live workouts for last minute workouts
  • Special courses for writing orders and judgments
  • 10+ pre-test simulations
  • 10+ mock tests on mains
  • More than 75 thematic tests
  • Quick review notes on all topics for preliminaries
  • Full notes on all topics for the sector
  • All Sections Covered – Criminal Law / Civil Law / English / Hindi / Legal History / GS
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Validity: 12 Months

One plan fits all your preparation needs, no matter what state court exam you aspire to.

Even if you are starting from scratch, these courses will equip you with the skills necessary to pass the examinations for the judicial services in the country.


  • Live online course with a pre-defined class schedule with live practice sessions led by a mentor on best test taking practices.
  • Study notes organized for quick review (available for offline reading)
  • Thematic, section and full simulation tests for the preliminary and main exams that you can take on your own schedule.
  • AI-powered performance analysis
  • “Discuss” collaboration platform – the perfect place to dispel your doubts and interact with your peers and mentors.
  • Over 300 hours of introduction to advanced levels of lessons at your own pace and live.

Improve your preparation for the forensic exam with the online courses, test sets, online / offline study materials, and Oliveboard grades available to help aspirants succeed in the most possible way. To get first-hand experience of courses and mock tests for Forensic Services Examinations on Oliveboard, register here.

Online government exam preparation platforms like Oliveboard have changed the way students prepare for exams and made them easier and more accessible. Oliveboard State Forensic Services Online Exam Coaching provides you with premium resources to help you pass the exam. By taking these online courses and series of tests, you will gain a better understanding of the curriculum, model, tips and tricks you need to know to take the state court service exams.

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