Submit an Anonymous Report via Metro Crime Stoppers

BALTIMORE — Due to funding from the City of Baltimore, Metro Crime Stoppers rewards for violent crimes in the city are increasing. The president thinks it could bring more tips leading to arrests.

“If you see something and you’re worried about the police car coming to your house, this is another way for you to report that information to help get that criminal off the street,” said chairman Earl Winterling. .

Metro Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers from area businesses and police officers from local jurisdictions who work to help solve crimes by funding rewards for information that leads to an arrest.

They use software called P3 Tips which keeps everything anonymous, from tip to payment.

Instead of any personal information, the tipster chooses an identification number. This number becomes the identity of the tipster. This is how they track their tip to see if it earns them a reward.

Then, the tipster chooses a jurisdiction and fills in the information he has. After submission, the tip goes directly to Winterling and any members of the police board who can start acting immediately.

If the tip leads to an arrest and charges, the police board member will present the information to the Metro Crime Stoppers Board of Directors for approval of the reward payment.

“It’s a point ladder system that we’ve based on the point ladder that determines how much money that reward is,” Winterling said.

Then they use P3 Tips to inform the tipster and set up a public meeting place.

“We will always wear something identified as the Crime Stoppers shirt. We’ll be with an undercover detective and when the individual comes and says ‘I’m a tipster’ I hand him an envelope with the money in it and he leaves,” Winterling said.

Winterling said they typically receive a few payments per month in the jurisdictions they work with: Anne Arundel County, City of Annapolis, City of Baltimore, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County, Queen’s County Anne and Frederick City.

“We’re getting more now than in the past and that may be partly due to the increased number of awards.

Due to new funding from the City of Baltimore, rewards for gun kills are doubling.

He hopes this will lead to more tips and arrests, although he wishes the money wasn’t necessary at all.

“If someone commits a crime and we see it, we must report it immediately. Don’t worry about money or things like that because you’re talking about a criminal who’s on the street who could hurt you, your friends, your family,” Winterling said.

The City of Baltimore receives the majority of the tips each month. You can use P3 Tips on a mobile app, website, or call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCK UP and the operator will enter the information provided into the app.

Mark M. Gagnon